Friday, July 24, 2009

Chuggin along

The surgery adventure continues...

Wednesday I had my nursing assessment and was told I only need two clearances - my primary care doctor and a psychologist. The nurse said she would send me the paperwork she needs signed, but I'm still waiting on that. At this point, I'm looking at a mid to late October date due to work.

Speaking of work, I told my co-worker (the only other person in my department with me everyday) about the surgery. I was actually nervous to tell her, but she reacted pretty well. She was very excited for me.

As far as others go...the word is spreading fast. I've told a few of my friends, talked to my sister-in-law about it, and my cousin. My family is all on board. Thank goodness!! I had a good talk with my SIL last night. She had lap-band done in March 07. It felt really nice to talk with someone who knows me personally and also knows the new situation I am getting myself into. She encouraged me even more than I've felt from anything else.

And tonight we see the TRIPLETS! It feels like forever since we saw them. They are playing and running around now. I packed last night and will leave a little early today so I we can get there before dinner and have some play time before they go down for bed. I'm so excited :) Pics will be coming soon!

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