Monday, September 22, 2008


I can't always come up with interesting blog titles - so the date it is unless something else should strike my fancy. Today was an ok day. No breakfast, smoothie for lunch, whole wheat pasta and pesto for dinner. I went grocery shopping after work so I'll have breakfast from now on and be able to pack my lunch - saving money is one of our goals right now too.

No wonder I feel tired...losing weight, saving money, and trying to have a baby are all tiring!! Speaking of the latter, Steve told him mom and she is so excited! Of course, she urges us to tell his sister right away before she finds out through the grapevine. Steve tried calling her tonight, but could only leave a voicemail to call him back. I have a gyn appointment next Tuesday. I'm going to meet with her first, then go from there. She has excellent reviews. And she mentions infertility on her website. Considering my previous gyn is the one who diagnosed my PCOS after 4 years of the run-around, I trust that particular profession rather well.

We are having fun dog-sitting. And my mom took baby kitty Harley to the vet and he is a-ok! A worm issue, but that should quickly resolve. Here are some pictures:

Candy - such a good girl!

...and baby kitty Harley!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well, tomorrow's another day...

Isn't that always my excuse? Today I had a [low fat] chocolate milk from a gas station on the way to my mother's house. I was feeling really light-headed (albiet from not eating all morning) and needed sugar/substance NOW. Then, my mom ordered Quizno's subs for us. So blah. There it is - what is supposed to be my BIG change start! Lowsy....but like I said - tomorrow is another day!

We brought Candy home to watch her while my mom nurses the little kitty they found back to health. They named him Harley and now I'm trying to convince Steve that we should take him - of course, once my mom has had his shots and medical evaluation done. :) So now I get the company of Candy - yay!

I'm listening to Steve talk to his mom right now. He's going to tell her that we are TTC. I'm nervous that she is going to think I talked him into it. Of course, he would not want to try for a baby until he was sure. My mom was so excited when I told her. She said she got an instant stomach ache from anxiety as soon as I told her. Lol. But she is so excited! My dad was too, but he wishes they were in a better place financially. But you never know, it could take us a while and my dad may have a new job by then.

Tomorrow I need to get all my records sent to the new doctor (an RE) and make an appointment! Woohoo!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

BIG changes!

Well, of course deciding that we are ready to welcome a baby into our life is a HUGE change - one we are very excited about! But in order to do that and be happy about it, I need to change my habits. I know I have PCOS and it makes it hard to be healthy (aka look good in a bathing suit - a one piece would suffice), but I can't use that as an excuse. I've signed up with SparkPeople and hopefully that can help me with my goals. One of my short term goals is to write in a journal everyday. So here it is - my first entry.

Today has been a lousy day eating wise - we are making a grocery trip tomorrow. I'm about to do my walking. I bought a walk at home DVD so I don't have to sweat and look like an idiot to my neighbors. Not to mention it's hard to walk outside in Florida.

My parents found an adorable kitten on the side of the road last night. They named him Harley b/c his black on white fur looked like a goatee on his chin. Not to mention, they were kinda hoping Steve and I would take him off their hands and since Steve has wanted a Harley and all....I guess it made sense :) So we went to their house here and checked out the baby kitty and then we got a new Wii game. Tomorrow we are going to my parents main home b/c they are trying to sell it and want us to take anything we want decor wise. Like free shopping! Woohoo! My mother has great taste so I'm excited.

Ok - I'm going to go through this SparkPeople thing and try to figure it out some more and then do my walking.

290 pounds....hard to believe. But I have to start somewhere.

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's official!

We are officially trying to conceive!!! Steve is on board! We are so excited! I need to make a doctor's appointment to check up on my PCOS.

I'll keep things updated here for my records.