Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well, tomorrow's another day...

Isn't that always my excuse? Today I had a [low fat] chocolate milk from a gas station on the way to my mother's house. I was feeling really light-headed (albiet from not eating all morning) and needed sugar/substance NOW. Then, my mom ordered Quizno's subs for us. So blah. There it is - what is supposed to be my BIG change start! Lowsy....but like I said - tomorrow is another day!

We brought Candy home to watch her while my mom nurses the little kitty they found back to health. They named him Harley and now I'm trying to convince Steve that we should take him - of course, once my mom has had his shots and medical evaluation done. :) So now I get the company of Candy - yay!

I'm listening to Steve talk to his mom right now. He's going to tell her that we are TTC. I'm nervous that she is going to think I talked him into it. Of course, he would not want to try for a baby until he was sure. My mom was so excited when I told her. She said she got an instant stomach ache from anxiety as soon as I told her. Lol. But she is so excited! My dad was too, but he wishes they were in a better place financially. But you never know, it could take us a while and my dad may have a new job by then.

Tomorrow I need to get all my records sent to the new doctor (an RE) and make an appointment! Woohoo!!

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