Monday, December 21, 2009

Two months!

Saturday was two months since my sleeve! Down exactly 50 lbs at 274 :) Here are my updated photos.

I'm feeling great. I am still not eating very much. Which I guess is the whole point! Some meals I can get more in than others. I can eat about one fried egg. My go-to snack are Laughing Cow Babybel cheeses. I also eat a lot of other cheeses - room temperature is best because it tastes the best and is softest. I still can't drink regular water or anything cold without becoming nauseous. I am sticking with Crystal Lite and 100% real fruit juice with no sugar added - the juice doubles as fluid and fruit. When I am out I always get the soup since I know it won't make me sick and I just can't risk trying anything new when I'm out and about. I am so, so happy that I got the sleeve. I feel amazing. I feel better than the pictures look. I'm in lower sizes (20-22 versus 22-24) and my current size is getting too big. I wore a 18-20 shirt last weekend but I think it was too small. Regardless everything fits better since my tummy has gone down so much. I'm also in a smaller size bra and shoe. Will update again.