Thursday, May 29, 2008

This and that

The admin assistant in our office is on vacation so it is very quiet at work until June 9th. Which is ok for a change - we were soooo busy with spring graduation/summer classes beginning. But the quietness only leaves time for my mind to wander and become more ambitious. Which is good, but frustrating because I have to tame myself and realize the reality of the situation. Oh well. When I walked into my office this morning (15 minutes early! woo hoo!) I actually thought to myself "I am so lucky to have this job". It was a great feeling. Yes, there are issues and problems and difficulties. But there are also opportunities and freedom and acceptance of my learning curve. I'm only 6 months into working full time and have a lot to learn. Luckily, myself and my boss understand that.

On a different note, with Steve (that's Hubby) busy with his MBA work I am going to a girls night out tomorrow night. I'm really excited! It kinda stinks that I have to travel about 45 minutes to see my old college friends, but I love to hang out with them. We are going to get our nails done and then going to see Sex and the City. I was never a huge fan of the show because I never had HBO, but I've def grown to love the episodes I did see. I get to see Jenn and show off my ring to all the other girls there. I know, it is pretty dang sad that after being engaged for 1 year and married for 6 months I'm still showing my ring off. It's not that it was a million dollar Tiffany ring, but it is gorgeous, worth plenty of money, and shiny. :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Triple the Love!

It's been about 12 hours since I said goodbye and I'm already counting down to the next visit! They are growing up so fast - and as much as I am so thrilled to see them growing big and strong, I just love the stage they are at now! But I remember when our nephew, Nick, was a baby I was always so convinced that every time I saw him he was at the cutest stage. It is so amazing to watch a life grow. Each of the triplets have their own personality, their own cry, their own place in this world. I can't wait to see who they become. Here's my favorite picture from this weekend.

Matthew sleeping, Luke wanting all the attention, and John just as happy as can be. John has a crooked smile like Hubby - I just love it!

Here is the crooked smile in action at the Rum Barrel in Key West. This was taken during one of our wedding planning trips. It's been almost 6 months since we married and I feel more blessed every day. Like now - I'm sitting on the couch while he is snoring on the loveseat. I just want to cry looking at him cuz he is so cute and I love him so much. How did I get so lucky?

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and we are going to my parents' house for dinner. Poor Hubby is nervous about getting his first MBA paper done. So we'll probably only stay for a couple hours. I wish we could see my parents and all of our family without having to use up gas. Sheesh - $3.83 a gallon we paid today. And that was one of the cheaper prices we saw.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Today is a good day

So far. It is amazing how Tuesday I had just about the worst day ever at work since I started full time six months ago. And today, it is a good day. It is no wonder so many people are diagnosed as bipolar. This morning I followed Hubby to the Ford dealership so he could drop his car off. He drives a convertible Mustang (his pre-children car I call it) and the little window in the back stopped retracting. Given his OCD tendencies, this drove him crazy. I was able to spend some time with him this morning and get to work a little late. Today is Friday, so I'm comfortable in my jeans. My hair looks cute. My boss just called and told me to take off at 3:00 since it is Memorial Day weekend and no one is on campus today. For some reason, classes were cancelled since it is the Friday before Memorial Day. I don't ever remembering that happening to me.

The best part of today? After I go home and pack - wait for it - we are going to visit the triplets!!! [note the three explanation points] Matthew, Luke and John are about 4 months old and are just dying to see me. Their mommy told me so. Just look at these faces.

How can I not be having a good day?! Only 4 working hours and 2.5 travelling hours and I get to SNUGGLE!!! Can you tell I have a severe case of baby rabies?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, I have an irrational urge to type things out. Really, I think I'm just bored with the Internet to the point that I have to create something new. I already spend way too much time on the computer. Which would partially explain my overweight-ness. The root of the problem is that I'm lazy. And gaining weight just makes me more lazy. It is a vicious cycle, really. I could explain all the excuses I have for being fat, but that would just relieve me (and my laziness) of the blame. And today I REALLY feel fat. Pooey. In addition, I REALLY want to eat the dark chocolate covered pretzels that Hubby brought home from his trip to Cincinnatti. Again, pooey. Hubby is in class, I am home alone and I think I'm going to turn off the computer (gasp!) and T.V. (gasssp!) and start reading Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin.