Thursday, May 29, 2008

This and that

The admin assistant in our office is on vacation so it is very quiet at work until June 9th. Which is ok for a change - we were soooo busy with spring graduation/summer classes beginning. But the quietness only leaves time for my mind to wander and become more ambitious. Which is good, but frustrating because I have to tame myself and realize the reality of the situation. Oh well. When I walked into my office this morning (15 minutes early! woo hoo!) I actually thought to myself "I am so lucky to have this job". It was a great feeling. Yes, there are issues and problems and difficulties. But there are also opportunities and freedom and acceptance of my learning curve. I'm only 6 months into working full time and have a lot to learn. Luckily, myself and my boss understand that.

On a different note, with Steve (that's Hubby) busy with his MBA work I am going to a girls night out tomorrow night. I'm really excited! It kinda stinks that I have to travel about 45 minutes to see my old college friends, but I love to hang out with them. We are going to get our nails done and then going to see Sex and the City. I was never a huge fan of the show because I never had HBO, but I've def grown to love the episodes I did see. I get to see Jenn and show off my ring to all the other girls there. I know, it is pretty dang sad that after being engaged for 1 year and married for 6 months I'm still showing my ring off. It's not that it was a million dollar Tiffany ring, but it is gorgeous, worth plenty of money, and shiny. :)

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