Friday, May 23, 2008

Today is a good day

So far. It is amazing how Tuesday I had just about the worst day ever at work since I started full time six months ago. And today, it is a good day. It is no wonder so many people are diagnosed as bipolar. This morning I followed Hubby to the Ford dealership so he could drop his car off. He drives a convertible Mustang (his pre-children car I call it) and the little window in the back stopped retracting. Given his OCD tendencies, this drove him crazy. I was able to spend some time with him this morning and get to work a little late. Today is Friday, so I'm comfortable in my jeans. My hair looks cute. My boss just called and told me to take off at 3:00 since it is Memorial Day weekend and no one is on campus today. For some reason, classes were cancelled since it is the Friday before Memorial Day. I don't ever remembering that happening to me.

The best part of today? After I go home and pack - wait for it - we are going to visit the triplets!!! [note the three explanation points] Matthew, Luke and John are about 4 months old and are just dying to see me. Their mommy told me so. Just look at these faces.

How can I not be having a good day?! Only 4 working hours and 2.5 travelling hours and I get to SNUGGLE!!! Can you tell I have a severe case of baby rabies?

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