Monday, September 22, 2008


I can't always come up with interesting blog titles - so the date it is unless something else should strike my fancy. Today was an ok day. No breakfast, smoothie for lunch, whole wheat pasta and pesto for dinner. I went grocery shopping after work so I'll have breakfast from now on and be able to pack my lunch - saving money is one of our goals right now too.

No wonder I feel tired...losing weight, saving money, and trying to have a baby are all tiring!! Speaking of the latter, Steve told him mom and she is so excited! Of course, she urges us to tell his sister right away before she finds out through the grapevine. Steve tried calling her tonight, but could only leave a voicemail to call him back. I have a gyn appointment next Tuesday. I'm going to meet with her first, then go from there. She has excellent reviews. And she mentions infertility on her website. Considering my previous gyn is the one who diagnosed my PCOS after 4 years of the run-around, I trust that particular profession rather well.

We are having fun dog-sitting. And my mom took baby kitty Harley to the vet and he is a-ok! A worm issue, but that should quickly resolve. Here are some pictures:

Candy - such a good girl!

...and baby kitty Harley!

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