Tuesday, July 21, 2009


After two weeks of nothing, I finally have some progress to report on the VSG front! I received my self-pay checklist from the "Patient Concierge" and am expecting a call from a nurse tomorrow or Thursday to determine what clearances I'll need to get before scheduling surgery. One clearance that is always required is from a psychologist. So I will be calling today to make that appointment. Hopefully I won't need many more clearances (I can only imagine I'll need one from my general practioner) and then I can schedule surgery! Once surgery is scheduled, they will then schedule the nutritionist appointment, required lifestyle class, and pre-op appointments. I'm so happy to have a game plan now. Here is the content of the self-pay checklist I received from U.S. Bariatrics:
  1. Attend U.S. Bariatric’s INFORMATION SESSION. (done)
  2. Complete the PATIENT DEMOGRAPHIC PACKET supplied at the information session. (done)
  3. Make a copy of your PHOTO ID and submit with patient demographic packet. (done)
  4. Complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION using your Housecall logon ID and password that was emailed to you. (done)
  5. Contact our PATIENT CONCIERGE to confirm your financing needs. (done)
  6. A U.S. Bariatric nurse will call you to complete your NURSING ASSESSMENT.
  8. Using your Nursing Assessment form, complete the prescribed pre-operative TESTS AND CLEARANCES. Fax all results.
  9. OPEN HOSPITAL ACCOUNT – Call to pre-register with Flagler Hospital. A $2,000 deposit is required to complete this step. (If you are paying via Capital One Healthcare Finance or Care Credit, please contact our Patient Concierge)
  10. Once office has received all prescribed tests and clearances, you can SCHEDULE your pre-operative physical, nutrition education, and surgery.
  11. CHEST X-RAY AND GENERAL BLOODWORK – Completed at Flagler Hospital, in St. Augustine, the day before your scheduled surgery

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