Monday, May 3, 2010

How is it physically possible?

I didn't lose any weight this week. GRRRRRRR. I don't know how it's PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE! I eat like a freaking BIRD! Last week I lost 4 lbs and the two weeks before that nothing. I didn't work out as much as I should have last week, but I didn't work out at all for the longest time and still lost weight. I guess I'm out of the "honeymoon" period. But my logical mind still does not understand how I can consume 600-700 calories a day and not lose weight. I know people may say I'm not getting enough calories - which makes even less sense to my logical mind. I'm going to weigh tomorrow and see what the scale says. I swear my weight fluctuates so much from day to day, from morning to afternoon. I always weigh Monday mornings and it made me look forward to one aspect of Monday. I'm going to have to rethink that now that the scale isn't making me happy anymore!

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AmandaLP said...

Stalls after weight loss surgery are very common. After a lot of reading (and my own experience), stalls come in two different types:

Time. Stalls happen at 3 weeks, 3,6, and 9 months. This tends to be your body catching up.

Milestones. When you hit "that weight" (under 200, weight at graduation/wedding, etc.) Any large milestone weights. This tends to be either from one's set point (I stalled at 224 for a while, which was the previous weight I had been for a while before gaining most of my weight), or from being scared of what happens on the "other side" that we start to sabotage our eating.

In short, drink some water, eat some protein, and don't worry too much about it :)