Monday, October 5, 2009

Pre-op Diet - Day 4

Today is Day 4 of pre-op diet. This is so hard.

B: 1/2 protein shake, 4 oz peach
S: protein shake
L: 6 oz sf/ff yogurt with 4 oz apple
S: 1 oz nuts, 1 banana
D: don't know yet, but it will be 4 oz meat, 4 oz veggie, 4 oz whole grain/starch
S: 1/2 protein shake, 4 oz fruit

I'm STARVING!!! It drives me crazy that I can't have anything warm and/or savory until my afternoon snack. It's all sweet stuff til I can have 1oz of nuts or 1/2 cup beans. And I've always been one to like salty before sweet. Let me just tell you how much I would like a whole bag of chips with a whole tub of dip right now!!

I weighed myself yesterday morning. I probably shouldn't have as I am only going to record my weight once a week. I'll type out the official number on Friday, but I am losing. Of course, Steve is losing faster! Haha! He has been so amazing. He is eating the same things I am and oftentimes making up our meals. This morning he packed a bag for my day at work. What a guy! We talked last night about how our forever will hopefully be longer since we are getting healthy. Of course, we then oooohed and aahhhed over the Taco Bell commercial.

Wednesday morning I leave for Dallas for a three day conference. I think I am comfortable with the diet now to be adequately prepared. Lots of planning involved, but I can handle it.

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