Friday, June 19, 2009

Wow - what a night

So, last night my cousin Heather and her daughter, 5 year old Megan, came to visit Steve and I.  They are on a long trip and stopping to see everyone they can on the way.  Super cool.  Anyways, I love seeing them and we were having a great time.  Until, around 9:30 my mother calls me.  She's panicking and our family dog (they've had since I was 11) had been attacked by a coyote.  They've been having coyote problems for a while but I guess no one they've call has really done anything about it.  My mom called me back when they were on their way to the animal hospital and said she was bleeding everywhere and barely breathing.  It turns out the coyote got her on both sides of her neck, puncturing both carotid arteries.  They were able to get things under control and they think she is going to be alright.  She goes back this evening for a check-up.  They are concerned about infection and the poor baby is just so miserable.  I was a WRECK last night.  I felt like such a baby, but we thought for sure she would be put down.  Now I can't wait to go over there and see her.  Even though my mom said she just wants to be left alone.  Aww.  

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