Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's been a while

Steve and I have been married for almost 7 months now. People often ask if things are different since our wedding day. It's funny, but I always seem to give different answers to this question. I guess it depends on the day. Yes, some things have changed. There is something greatly comforting about the legitimacy of marriage. I sometimes wonder how we went so long without being married! Of course, I know that our long courtship (what a strange, old-fashioned word for our obvious "living-in-sin" dating period) prepared us for a lot. We have seen each other during times of great happiness and of great sadness. We have grown to love each other's families so much that often the line of "his" family and "my" family has become distinctly blurred. We've gone through high school, college, and graduate school graduations. We've been hurt along the way and learned why couples utilize the ultimate defense mechanism - "us against the world". Most importantly, dating for 5 and 1/2 years before marrying taught us how to grow as individuals while still growing as a couple. And marriage is a huge change in both realms. We've learned that working at a relationship does not inherently mean that there is something wrong with it. Working at our relationship is what makes it fun, exciting, and ever-changing. I love my husband and that of course has not changed. But yes, life does change after marriage. I am truly no longer a child. My attic filled with my childhood memories that my mom most graciously moved over about one month after the "I do"s can attest to that. We received a high school graduation annoucement for Steve's younger cousin. We are adults living adult lives. I feel like my parents sometimes and it's just amazing to me that Steve and I are now at a point in our lives that resembles their lives together at some point.

As I sit here writing this blog, my husband of 7 months, significant other of 6 years, my soulmate for life is watching me with one eye and watching "The Deadliest Catch" with the other. I am so, so happy. Who knew love could feel so natural? Something that defines one's life?

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